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Hair Care Tips from Suite Reyad

Photo courtesy of Suite Reyad
Photo courtesy of Suite Reyad

When Reyad Fritas opened Suite Reyad salons in New York and Aspen, he brought his Parisian sensibility to American hair design—and was an immediate success. Recently, Fritas earned the favor of Palm Beach women as well, with his monthly pop-ups at Le Bazaar on South County Road and his new line of salon products. On a recent trip, Fritas shared his thoughts about conditioning and styling hair for the perpetual heat and sunshine of Florida.

What was your biggest motivation for creating a hair line?

Our biggest motivation for creating our own line was seeing a gap in the market for what we were providing these clients. We needed a product that encompassed the health, the luxury, the value of what we already provide for them. Having something that is efficient but all-natural is hard to find.

In Florida, with its sun and humidity, damaged hair is a daily reality. How do the products target damage to the hair and scalp, and what benefit do they offer?

These products target damage and dryness with their all-natural ingredients, infiltrating the hair with moisture, shine, and strength.

Elaborate on the benefit of date seed oil.

The hero ingredient in our line is organic date seed oil. It nourishes your scalp, promoting healthy and clean hair follicles, encouraging a lot of hair growth.

What’s the biggest mistake people make in hair care, and how does it lead to damage?

Biggest mistake is that people are using shampoos filled with stripping ingredients, leaving their hair empty, lifeless, dry, and without proper nourishment to heal or grow.

Photo courtesy of Suite Reyad
Photo courtesy of Suite Reyad

What is the best way to use conditioner to get the moisture benefit without weighing the hair down?

Best way to use conditioner is to start with a minimal amount, starting to distribute through mid-lengths and ends. After application, you need to rinse thoroughly.

What are your tips on how to use styling tools to avoid hair damage?

The correct way to use styling tools to avoid hair damage is to spray the hair with a heat protectant, and then make sure the tool is set at a low setting. Most at-home tools get very hot.

In addition to the right products, what routine do you recommend to keep hair healthy?

We recommend washing hair every 2-3 days, to clean the hair follicle. Once a week, we recommend you use The Cure, our super hair booster, for extra moisture and strength. You may leave The Cure in your hair for a few hours or up to a day, and then lightly shampoo or just rinse thoroughly. (Depending on fine hair texture/thicker texture).




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