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Designing Women – Palm Beach Illustrated

Sarah Bray-West, Aurelia Demark, Emme Parsons, Logan Poos, Amy Royal, Jordan Kanegis. Shot on location at Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, West Palm Beach. Photo by Nick Mele
Sarah Bray-West, Aurelia Demark, Emme Parsons, Logan Poos, Amy Royal, Jordan Kanegis. Shot on location at Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, West Palm Beach. Photo by Nick Mele

Caroline Bramlett

Tillie, resort wear, 

  1. Personal style: Timeless, tailored, creative
  2. Sartorial icon: My grandmother Quintilla, whom Tillie is named after
  3. Greatest inspiration: The ocean, God’s creation all around us.
  4. First piece she designed: While I have been sketching dresses all my life, the first piece I sewed from scratch was a tweed mini skirt my first semester of college. My first design for Tillie was our Palm dress, a midi style that comes in two prints.
  5. Memorable career moment: Taking the leap of faith to launch Tillie and sharing the news with my grandmother that we would name the brand after her.
  6. Signature piece from my collection: Our Palm dress has been our best-seller and a favorite of all ages.
  7. Best business advice: Stay true to your vision—that is your magic!
  8. Outfit in regular rotation: A Tillie dress, Margaux sandals, and a straw tote
  9. Cherished fashion find: A bracelet from Iris Apfel’s personal collection
  10. Coveted item for summer: Chanel raffia flap bag
  11. Go-to beach accessories: An LL Bean boat tote, a Sarah Bray Bermuda hat, and my sketchbook
  12. Beauty must-haves: RMS Beauty tinted lip color in shade Peacock Lane and Primally Pure Everything Spray
  13. Never leaves home without: A spritz of my new favorite Summer Hours Romanesque perfume
  14. Palm Beach hidden gem: With so much happening on the island, some who visit have yet to discover the beauty of Wellington and the endless horse farms. I grew up visiting the area with my dad and brothers for polo tournaments, so I love taking friends to polo just about any day of the week during the winter months. The matches are always exciting, and the horses are beyond beautiful.
  15. Beloved local spot: Surfside Diner
  16. Ideal meal: Tuna crisps and sweet corn agnolotti from Buccan
  17. Drink of choice: Watermelon martini (also from Buccan)
  18. Desired travel destination: Paris, [with its] endless beauty and inspiration around every corner.
  19. Summer reading: Anything by my friend Mary Hollis Huddleston
  20. Favorite podcast: How’d She Do That? by Emily Landers
  21. Most-used app: Photos, for sure. I think I’m getting close to 400,000 photos on my phone—about time for a camera roll clean out!
  22. Song or artist on repeat: Coldplay and Hillsong Worship
  23. Words of wisdom: “Every day God invites us on the same kind of adventure. It’s not a trip where He sends us a rigid itinerary; He simply invites us. God asks what it is He’s made us to love, what it is that captures our attention, what feeds that deep indescribable need of our souls to experience the richness of the world He made. And then, leaning over us, He whispers, ‘Let’s go do that together.’” —Bob Goff

Aurelia Demark

Aurelia Demark Fine Jewelry, 

  1. Personal style: I gravitate toward a relaxed, uncomplicated look in neutral colors and layer in jewelry and accessories.
  2. Sartorial icon: My mother. She taught me that if you have the right accessories, you’re good to go.
  3. Greatest inspiration: Nature
  4. First piece she designed: Our elephant pendant with a blue sapphire eye to commemorate my first daughter, Eloise
  5. Memorable career moment: Seeing my pieces being worn by people I don’t personally know.
  6. Signature piece from her collection: Our four-leaf clover design
  7. Best business advice: A wise silver fox once told me [to] listen, understand, and question all sides ofa conversation.
  8. Outfit in regular rotation: Jeans and a great button-down shirt
  9. Cherished fashion find: Vintage designer handbags from my grandmothers
  10. Coveted item for summer: Our coral pendant made from 18-karat gold with diamonds
  11. Go-to beach accessories: Our colorful heart pendants with a printed cord worn with an Eres swimsuit
  12. Beauty must-haves:Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm and Chantecaille Sheer Glow Rose Face Tint
  13. Never leaves homes without: Tortoiseshell Celine sunglasses and jewelry
  14. Palm Beach hidden gem: Getting lost among antiques at Show Pony
  15. Beloved local spot: A cozy booth at The Honor Bar
  16. Ideal meal: Duck taco appetizer at Imoto
  17. Drink of choice: Tequila soda with a slice of orange
  18. Desired travel destination: Dreaming of renting a house in Mykonos, Greece, with my family
  19. Summer reading: Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci
  20. Favorite podcast: I don’t have one!
  21. Most-used app: Instagram and Spotify
  22. Song or artist on repeat: I love all music, especially a good mix of older songs.
  23. Words of wisdom: Have a huge conviction in what you want to do and keep going.

Emme Parsons

Emme Parsons, Shoes,

  1. Personal style: Put together, most of the time.
  2. Sartorial icon: Phoebe Philo during the Celine years.
  3. Greatest inspiration: My children and nature
  4. First piece she designed: The Cecilia sandal, a classic flat T-strap sandal that is still in rotation.
  5. Memorable career moment: Going to Italy for the first time and knowing how difficult the path ahead of me was, but also knowing that this was what I meant to do.
  6. Signature piece from her collection: The Danielle loafer, a classic silhouette that we can’t keep in stock.
  7. Best business advice: Don’t overthink it.
  8. Outfit in regular rotation: White jeans and a T-shirt, tank top, or button down
  9. Cherished fashion find: An oversize men’s tuxedo shirt from my favorite vintage shop in Florence
  10. Coveted item for summer: Shade
  11. Go-to beach accessories: Our Bari pool slides and my Sherman Field necklace
  12. Beauty must-have: Santa Maria Novella perfume, which I always buy in Florence when I’m there for work.
  13. Never leaves home without: My phone and Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick
  14. Palm Beach hidden gem: Lara House of Beauty, where I get all of my bodywork and facials done.
  15. Beloved local spot: The Oriental Food Market in West Palm Beach
  16. Ideal meal: Anything from Oceano Kitchen
  17. Drink of choice: Topo Chico
  18. Desired travel destination: So many. Puglia, Greece, Portugal, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam—the list never ends.
  19. Summer reading: Selling Sexy: Victoria’s Secret and the Unraveling of an American Icon by my best friend Lauren Sherman and Chantal Fernandez
  20. Favorite podcast: On Purpose
  21. Most-used app: Spotify
  22. Song on repeat: “Five Hundred Miles” by Mamman Sani
  23. Words of wisdom: Take the best from every situation.

Logan Poos

Logan Tay, Fashion Jewelry, 

  1. Personal style: Colorful and fun! I love mixing basics with fun pops of color. For example, a fun pair of pants with a classic white T-shirt.
  2. Sartorial icon: Right now, Olympia Gayot. She is pure gold.
  3. Greatest inspiration: Kendra Scott. Her book, Born to Shine, is the best.
  4. First piece she designed: Silver bangles that had sea glass and shells on them that I [had] collected in Hawaii. I hand-soldered all my pieces when I first started.
  5. Memorable career moment: Getting into Anthropologie. It has always been at the top of my list, and I still pinch myself.
  6. Signature piece from her collection: My current favorite is our floral charm necklace, but my staples are our jumbo herringbone necklace and large engraved heart necklace.
  7. Best business advice: Be honest and fair and treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Oh, and enjoy it!
  8. Outfit in regular rotation: Depends on the time of year, but I would say an oversize pair of jeans and a fun embroidered, colorful top with some Adidas sneakers and a whole lot of jewelry.
  9. Cherished fashion find: Vintage jewelry pieces
  10. Coveted item for summer: Mini shorts
  11. Go-to beach accessories: Gold bangles and a woven tote
  12. Beauty must-have: A good lip gloss! Dior lip oil is my fave.
  13. Never leaves home without: Lip gloss and jewelry. I feel naked without both.
  14. Palm Beach hidden gem: Pastry Heaven. Their chicken salad sandwich is my fave. All of their bread is homemade and the absolute best.
  15. Beloved local spot: Field of Greens. I go there nearly every day for lunch, and I never get sick of it.
  16. Ideal meal: This is hard! I am a big foodie and have a long list of iconic Palm Beach and West Palm Beach restaurants, but probably the Spicy Dragon Roll from Echo.
  17. Drink of choice: Moscow Mule
  18. Desired travel destination: I would love to make it to Tavarua Island or Namotu Island in Fiji.
  19. Summer reading: I’m Not Really a Waitress. It is the story on the brand OPI and is super interesting.
  20. Favorite podcast: How I Built This. [It] is so inspiring for entrepreneurs like myself to hear others’ stories, including all the challenges they experienced along the way in building their companies.
  21. Most-used app: Instagram or TikTok. They are some of the most powerful business tools out there in terms of getting people to know your brand.
  22. Song or artist on repeat: “Another Love” by Tom Odell. It gives me all the summer vibes.
  23. Words of wisdom: What’s meant to be will be. This has had a big impact in both my personal and business life in helping me understand that there are some things in life that are out of my control and sometimes you just have to have faith and go with the flow.

Sarah Bray-West

Sarah Bray Bermuda, Sun Hats,

  1. Sartorial icon: Locally in Palm Beach, I admire a lot of the female decorators for their aesthetic talents in all arenas: Amanda Lindroth, Danielle Rollins, Meg Braff, Brittney Bromley, Alessandra Branca, Mimi McMakin and the ladies at Kemble. I’m forgetting so many! But wow, these incredible women and the modern-day businesses they have built are beyond inspiring.
  2. Greatest inspiration: Since I was a young girl growing up in Texas, I have always admired her work ethic and ability to persevere with elegance and grace.
  3. First piece she designed: I started with small-batch caftans made with vintage textiles, but my sun hats woven with antique ribbons really took off. I split my time between Bermuda and Palm Beach. If you’ve ever been on the beach or on a boat in the islands, you know it’s windy! So, I started making sun hats just for myself with ribbons to tie under my chin and into my hair to keep my hat from flying away. Made from biodegradable tropical grasses and palm tree leaves, each sun hat features antique and vintage ribbons that are interchangeable, so you can change your ribbon to match your dress or swimsuit.
  4. Memorable career moment: When I was offered my first internship in NYC at Vogue (in the accessories department). It was the summer after my sophomore year, and the opportunity was surreal—especially for an ambitious young woman with zero industry connections. It was the launchpad for my career trajectory that evolved into working at the New York Times style section, House Beautiful, Veranda, Elle Decor, Town & Country, and more!
  5. Signature piece from her collection: Sun hats designed for interchangeable antique ribbons
  6. Best business advice: Start small with one item and focus on getting that item perfected before launching more products. Stay nimble and lean for as long as you can before taking on investors and ambitious growth goals.
  7. Outfit in regular rotation: Coco Shop dress, Artemis slides with a heel, seashell bag, Seaman & Schepps seashell earrings, Celine cat-eye tortoiseshell sunglasses, and a Sarah Bray Bermuda sun hat (of course!)
  8. Cherished fashion find: Too many to count! I am a massive vintage collector. Recently, I started collecting vintage Stubbs & Wootton smoking slippers. I also collect vintage needlepoint handbags, seashell jewelry, 1980s big gold clip-ons, vintage silk kimonos, and nightgowns/slip dresses.
  9. Coveted items for summer: Julia Amory’s Baby Jane dress and her cute new solid silk sets. I will be wearing these to dinner in Bermuda all summer.
  10. Go-to beach accessory: Chanel birkenstocks
  11. Beauty must-haves: Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Super Cindy and Aerin Hibiscus Palm perfume
  12. Never leaves home without: My hand-engraved necklace by Miami-based jewelers Emily & Ashley. It is engraved with my son’s birthday and initials.
  13. Palm Beach hidden gem: All the thrift shops in West Palm! I love shopping for antiques and vintage items. My entire house is only decorated from secondhand and old pieces, and I mostly wear vintage dresses and handbags. So, when I was dreaming of designing my namesake collection, it was natural to use vintage and renewable materials. There are so many aspects of human life that are unavoidably wasteful, so it’s really important to me to not pollute our beautiful world with even more waste.
  14. Beloved local spot: The Society of the Four Arts’ children’s library and gardens
  15. Ideal meal: A cheeseburger at Le Goulue’s bar
  16. Drink of choice: Cold brew with macadamia nut milk from Composition Coffee in West Palm
  17. Desired travel destination: We are going to Cotswolds in August.
  18. Summer reading: As a former magazine editor, I am a magazine junkie! I adore British decorating publications like House & Garden and World of Interiors. I also can’t wait for the mailwoman to drop-off Schumacher’s decorating quarterly, Frederic.
  19. Favorite podcast: How’d She Do That? by Emily Landers or The Chairish Podcast which Michael Boodro
  20. Most-used app: Poshmark for vintage clothing and jewelry shopping.
  21. Words of wisdom: Let go of perfectionism and forgive yourself. Since becoming a mom, I have a totally new outlook on life. I now realize everyone is just trying their best every day and that’s both freeing and beautiful to accept.

Jordan Kanegis

Netta, Swimwear, 

  1. Personal style: Feminine, elegant, and comfortable
  2. Sartorial icon: Jane Birkin
  3. Greatest inspiration: Nature
  4. First piece she designed: A handmade crochet swimsuit called the Evelyn after my grandmother.
  5. Memorable career moment: Hosting a brand trip to Palm Springs in celebration of my last collection. By the time the trip was over, everyone felt like family.
  6. Signature piece from her collection: The Ruched catsuit
  7. Best business advice: Never be afraid to ask for help. Support drives success.
  8. Outfit in regular rotation: Baggy jeans, a tank top, kitten heels, and lip gloss
  9. Cherished fashion find: A vintage Lanvin blazer from The Church Mouse
  10. Coveted item for summer: A Netta bikini—duh!
  11. Go-to beach accessories: Tinted SPF and snacks
  12. Beauty must-have: Saie liquid blush in shade Spicy
  13. Never leaves home without: My dog, Agnes, and a cozy cashmere sweater (AC is always blasting in Palm Beach)
  14. Palm Beach hidden gem: Lily’s at The Brazilian Court
  15. Beloved local spot: Show Pony in West Palm Beach for the best vintage and antique furniture finds
  16. Ideal meal: The buffalo chicken sandwich from Buccan Sandwich Shop
  17. Drink of choice: Arnold Palmer
  18. Desired travel destination: Bali
  19. Summer reading: Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More Than They Expect by Will Guidara
  20. Favorite Podcast: The Goop podcast
  21. Most-used app: The RealReal
  22. Song or artist on repeat: Crimson & Clover
  23. Words of wisdom: Nothing extraordinary happens inside your comfort zone.

Amy Royal

Royal by Amy Royal, Caftans,

  1. Personal style: Colorful, eclectic, confident
  2. Sartorial icon: Cher, circa 1975 to 1980
  3. Greatest inspiration: My kids
  4. First piece she designed: A caftan during COVID in 2020
  5. Memorable career moment: Randomly seeing someone wearing one of my pieces in everyday life.
  6. Signature piece from her collection: My first caftan
  7. Best business advice: Stay true to your own style concepts and vision.
  8. Outfit in regular rotation: Running shorts and a tee with sneakers
  9. Cherished fashion find: A vintage needlepoint skirt at Weil Antique Center in Allenton, Pennsylvania
  10. Coveted items for summer: Sunscreen and a Nike running visor
  11. Go-to beach accessory: A plastic woven beach bag by Squeeze De Citron
  12. Beauty must-have: Natura Bissé skin care
  13. Never leaves home without: Chapstick, dental floss, and sunglasses
  14. Palm Beach hidden gem: The vintage candy selection at Green’s Pharmacy
  15. Beloved local spot: TooJay’s
  16. Ideal meal: Hamburger with blue cheese from BrickTop’s
  17. Drink of choice: Water or coffee
  18. Desired travel destination: Every location where my six children live
  19. Summer reading: Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen
  20. Favorite podcasts: The Ken Coleman Show and What We Wore
  21. Most-used app: Amazon
  22. Song or artist on repeat: Lauren Daigle
  23. Words of wisdom: Be quick to listen and slow to speak.



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